Venice, Italy, | 2021-08-12 - 2021-08-13


The International Conference on International Marketing and Innovative Strategies (ICIMIS) focuses on bringing preeminent researchers and academic scientists to swap and contribute ideas regarding International Marketing and Innovative Strategies. Also, this conference will discuss current trends and challenges in the industry. 

The conference will take place in the beautiful city of Venice, Italy. It will be a two-day conference consisting of 15 selected, blind peer-reviewed papers from around the world.

What Can Attendees Expect?

The conference will dwell on blind peer-reviewed papers by three qualified reviewers that were indexed through Google Scholar, Open Science Index, BASE, and other index databases depending on Impact Factor (IF) indicators. It is a measure of how often an article in a journal is referenced, and the frequency is often used in ranking the relative importance of an article.

The fifteen articles that will be presented will focus on topics surrounding international and global marketing, digital marketing, consumer behavior, distribution strategy, international relations, management, etc. The strategies and topics discussed will be extremely helpful for those who are keen on learning the newest studies regarding the above-mentioned presentations. 

The diverse topics that will be discussed at the conference can be applicable to anyone who is currently in the field of business, economics, marketing, consumer behavior research, and management. Also, this conference is open to anyone who is keen on learning new techniques with regards to marketing locally, globally, or targeting specific regions. This conference can be a guide to corporations and business institutions that wish to further their understanding of the market’s dynamics and strategies in implementing models for their marketing campaigns.

Those who are interested in the opportunities being offered at the conference can become conference sponsors and exhibitors.

Venue Information And Complete Address

This conference will be through a digital program consisting of e-proceedings which you can only book online. Once registered, you can have access to the abstracts and papers featured in the conference, as well as conference proceedings and/or certificates. 

First Day Of The Conference:

On August 12, 2021, at 12 P.M. London local time, the digital presentation session will begin. Registered delegates are expected to log in to the conference 10 minutes before the meeting will start. 

Second Day Of The Conference:

On August 13, 2021, you can download and have access to the digital program’s e-book regarding the studies relevant to the two-day conference. 


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