Institute of Translation and Interpreting

Virtual/Brighton, United Kingdom, | 2022-05-31 - 2022-06-01

What Is This Event About?


Throughout 2021 ITI offered online conferences and dialogues, while now in 2022 the institute is preparing for its first hybrid event.


Attendees are able to attend in person at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, as well as remotely for those unable to travel to England’s picturesque South Coast.


This is sure to be a busy and illuminating 2-day programme, with inspiring and thought-provoking presentations and seminars across four tracks, one of which is dedicated entirely to interpreting.


This event is a can’t-miss opportunity for translators and interpreters to meet and share ideas, learn, and network with other language services professionals.


What Can You Expect?


This conference’s theme will focus on how galvanized language and translations industries have become over the past few years, with fast-changing technological developments fusing with the latest linguistic theories.


This year ITI will focus on both rising to challenges and embracing change, in order to empower translation professionals to the greatest of their potential.


The programme for the conference includes special guests and keynote speakers from all sectors of the interpretation and translation industry, in both private and public sectors.


These hosts include:


  • Mary Hockaday


Mary Hockaday was a recent Director of BBC World Service, where she oversaw the BBC’s more than 40 language services.


She led World Service English for several years and before that ran The BBC Newsroom.


Earlier in her career, she worked as a field journalist and language correspondent in what was then Czechoslovakia. 


Mary will share her experience working in global news, in a time of increasing disinformation and challenges to public interest journalism.


She’ll talk about multilingual services, bilingual journalists, and the importance of accuracy and nuance in the Language of News. 


  • Daniel Hahn, OBE


Daniel’s talk is called Extreme Visibility: On Sharing a Translation Process.


This is a talk about process, while it is also about talking about process.


Daniel is a writer, editor, and translator with over 80 books to his name.


His translations (from French, Spanish, and Portuguese) include fiction from Europe, Africa, and the Americas, and non-fiction by writers ranging from Portuguese Nobel laureate José Saramago to Brazilian footballer Pelé, as well as children's books and occasional plays and poetry. 


  • Siriol Hugh-Jones MITI


Siriol Hugh-Jones is a qualified translator, cellist, and former lawyer who specializes in legal translation from Russian and German into English.


She spent over eight years studying and then practicing law in London and Moscow and began translating in the field of law back in 1991.


She is currently also a local councilor in Brighton & Hove where she co-chairs the city’s Housing Committee.


Siriol will give an opening day seminar that is sure to kick off the event with thought-provoking dialog.


Event Information:


Location: Brighton, United Kingdom, and Online

Dates: 31 May-1 June 2022


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