Inclusive Teaching and Learning Communities

Virtual, Virtual, | 2022-04-22 - 2022-04-22

What Is It About?


This annual conference is organized yearly by West Virginia TESOL, a professional organization for those who teach English as a second language.


As an official affiliate of the International TESOL Organization, WVTESOL seeks to strengthen ESL teaching, promote research, and provide opportunities to share ideas with other ESL professionals in West Virginia and beyond.


Anyone with an interest in teaching English language learners can get something out of attending a conference hosted by WVTESOL.


WVTESOL is made up of members who include ESL teachers, tutors, teacher trainers, teacher trainees and administrators of language learning programs.


If you work with English learners as a teacher or volunteer in kindergarten through 12th grade, higher education, adult education, a refugee program or in business and industry, WVTESOL invites you to attend this annual conference.


What Can You Expect?


With a theme of Inclusive Teaching and Learning Communities, attendees and participants in this conference can expect a diverse and eclectic array of keynote speeches, breakout sessions, and roundtables.


The event kicks off with a plenary address by Dr. Amy Hewett-Olatunde, with a focus on Capturing the Narrative: Educating, Advocating, and Elevating Through Storytelling.


After that, there will be a series of themed and concurrent 20-40 minute breakout sessions, with roundtables led by experienced and dynamic ESL professionals, including:


  • Yanhe Zhou – Xi’an Eurasia University, China - An Analysis of LogicoSemantic and Cohesive Relations in Chinese EFL Students’ Writing Samples 
  • Na Ouyang and Qi Shuwei - Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, China - Bridging the Gap: Raising Cultural Awareness of EFL Teachers in China through Core Chinese Concepts
  • Masaki Shibata – University of Adelaide, Australia - Reported Speech as Persuasion: Demonstrating Different Lexico-grammatical Realizations between Japanese and English 
  • Hwanhee Lee – Yonsei University, Korea - Use the Merits of the Non face-to-face Classes to a Maximum 
  • Tamara Westfall – West Virginia Board of Education - Bilingual Lessons for People and the Planet


And many more...


Anyone involved with multilingual language teaching and particularly English teachers to second language learners would benefit from participating in this spring WVTESOL online conference.


West Virginia TESOL Annual Spring conference 2022


Virtual Online Conference


April 22, 2022



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