How Can the Metaverse Support Inclusivity Through Language?

Virtual, United States, | 2022-03-15 - 2022-03-15

What Is This Event?


This event about how the Metaverse can support language inclusivity is being offered by Interprefy as a free webinar.


The Metaverse is undoubtedly going to change the way people interact and communicate, revolutionizing web 3.0 with the use of avatars and immersive virtual user experiences.


How will the Metaverse affect global networking and communication, without the obstacles of linguistic and cultural barriers?


Attend this event to learn more.


What Can Attendees Expect?


This event will be held in the Metaverse, so those participating can learn more about the features of this technologically advanced network of 3D virtual worlds focused on connection.


Attendees can expect a panel discussion hosted by Interprefy Platform Project Manager John Hudson, speaking with Moot CEO Danny Stefanic and Tucker Johnson, co-founder of Nimdzi Insights. 


Conversations will cover key factors about how the Metaverse is the internet’s new frontier, as well as how virtual reality and augmented reality can enable individuals and organizations to communicate in new and innovative ways.


What Is The Metaverse?


Whether the word Metaverse is entirely new to you, or if you have already heard about Facebook’s name change to Meta, this conference will give you a better idea about this suite of technologies that promises to usher in the wide adoption of web 3.0


These platforms use VR as well as augmented reality collaboration functions that can enable better collaboration and integration.


Work productivity platforms for remote teams might, for example, allow real estate agents to host virtual home tours, while language translation services could be offered to clients more seamlessly for remote, live, real-time events.


There has never been a better time to learn more about the Metaverse.


This is a key reason why many social media and tech companies such as Facebook and Microsoft are investing heavily in Social VR, with the goal of creating platforms where people can connect or work remotely via virtual tools such as Microsoft Teams.


To learn more about how to utilize the Metaverse to its potential, attending this complimentary webinar will help you get a better idea of how language interpretation and translation can integrate into the new worldwide web.


Event Information:


Date and Time: 15 March 2022, 16:00 CET

Location: Online


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