GoAp Taipei 2019

Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China, | 2019-12-04 - 2019-12-05

A decade or so ago, one would not even think that we will have devices wherein we can fit every possible media and entertainment channel in the palm of our hands, let alone have applications that allow us to communicate, play and even shop online!

In this day and age almost everyone owns a device that can connect to the internet, our world has been transformed in more ways than one. With the vast majority of information not bound in a single region anymore, localizing your content is a must to reach new heights. All the more reason to attend functions and gatherings that aims to revolutionize the way we approach localization. GoAp Taipei is an event whose objective is to drive localization and globalization forward, with different industry leaders driving change and the launch of new technologies like 5G and the demand for other platforms like VR, localization is an ever changing landscape.

GoAp Taipei is an event you would not want to miss if you are in the localization industry. With the theme “The Next Big Idea”, this might be the event where you could put a foot forward over your competitors. And with the diverse audience of this event, the chance to meet clients and generate more business would be an opportunity that you would not want to let go.

The event will be held in Taipei, Taiwan from the 4th to the 5th of December, 2019. Different program tracks are available for the various sessions and panels that will be held at the event. For those who are looking to share their insights, revolutionary ideas and best practices in localization, you are encouraged to actively participate by sending your proposal.

For more information please visit the website below.

Source: http://goap-global.com/conference/goap-taipei-2019/

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