GlobalSaké Conference 2020 - San Francisco

San Francisco, California, USA, | 2020-02-20 - 2020-02-20

What is the GlobalSaké Conference?

GlobalSaké is a non-profit movement that aims to help businesses prepare and launch their products in international markets. It routinely hosts annual industry events usually centered on global business growth, localization, global businesses technologies, and etc. The GlobalSaké Conference in particular is expected to bring in 400 attendees that’ll learn about the latest trends and solutions in international business expansion that goes beyond language. 

Among those 400 are industry leaders and representatives from the world’s most recognizable global companies; Google, Linkedin, Apple, Pinterest, Airbnb, Wix, Zendesk, PayPal, AliPay, OpenTable, IDEO, Stripe, Nike, Netflix, GoPro, Kayak, NetApp, and many more.

All in all, attendees will learn the most exciting aspects that go into preparing their products for international markets and have lucrative opportunities to connect with experienced industry leaders and company representatives. 

What Can Attendees Expect?

Outlined on their website, the actual conference will consist of compelling presentations and panel discussions on the following topics; neuromarketing, consumer behavioral insights, storytelling through data visualization, applied multilingual & language-agnostic AI, local content creation, product marketing localization, global payments, international user research and ui/ux design, etc. The conference will also feature a topic on localizing products to the notoriously complex Japanese market. 

But before all that, the conference will be preceded by a networking reception on Feb 19, 2020 showcasing cultural activities such as saké tasting, a taiko drum performance, live exhibition by artist Yoko Kubrick, a gourmet buffet, and more! 

Ultimately, attendees will certainly enjoy such a career-enhancing event and its multinational atmosphere and global focus.

Venue Information & Complete Address

The conference will be held at the Zendesk Headquarters. 
1019 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
United States

The networking reception on Feb 19 will be held at the furniture and art showroom DZINE
128 Utah St.
San Francisco, CA 94103|
United States

For more information about the event, registration process, and event fees, click here;

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