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About GlobalSake

GlobalSaké is a diverse community of dynamic global leaders seeking international expansion within the language-tech industries. Its goal is to connect people to the latest industry trends and foster new friendships while learning new strategies for business. This event is about sharing ideas in an open-minded environment that has no borders.

What Is The Agenda?

Attendees can expect to gain broad new ideas in how they do business and get valuable insights into industry trends. This quarterly series features leaders and educators in the language and technology sectors that will present daily lectures on a variety of topics.

These interactive quarterly event series offer industry insights on how to strategically drive adoption in new markets. The program looks at the various cross-functional challenges and solutions for creating the right regional and cultural protocols to win local and new global markets.

The March 3rd “The Human Factor” kicks off with a fireside chat  “Love Localization" by Jessica Grimm. She will discuss what love means in different cultures and it will also have speakers from Tinder, LOVOO, and LELO to talk about their experience with the localization process. In a Fireside Chat, Salvatore Giammarresi, Head of Localization at Airbnb, discusses the Airbnb Case Study, “enabling real-time multilingual communication between hosts and travelers across the globe.”

The June event “Process” features discussions on circular (vs linear) auto-integrated workflows, and strategically creating the relevant user experience by geolocation and interface language. The change from English language source to non-English target translation flows to English is discussed as a solution for multilingual support on the go. The September and December events have a full lineup of interesting speakers, so don’t miss out.

This series focuses on understanding international customers as it relates to the cultural context of their regional environment. Attendees will learn about operating international user research and brand market-fit analysis, and how to integrate the regional factors that influence product performance. The takeaways are solid business strategies to maximize local protocols on a global scale.

These quarterly events are interspersed with free virtual concerts, meditation retreat breaks, and interactive presentations of products and services. There will be plenty of time to network with other professionals in breakout sessions, as well as ask questions of the presenters. Diverse professionals from the financial, technology, and language industries are all expected to attend.  Get your annual pass early!

Event Information

Dates: 4 Quarterly Events: March 3, June 2, Sept 1, Dec 1, 2022

Times: 9am-12pm PST

Location: Virtual- watch from anywhere in the world!

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