Global Ready Conference by Smartling

Virtual, United States, | 2022-04-12 - 2022-04-12

What Is This Event About?


A leading name in translation management, for years Smartling has helped partners automate, manage, and professionally translate content at the speed of life.


That’s why their annual conference is sure to be one of this year’s industry-leading translation events, packed with engaging keynote speakers, enriching workshops, and abundant networking opportunities.


The Global Ready conference will kick off with a keynote address on the future of translation given by Jack Welde, founder of Smartling.


Welde will cover industry trends, what’s in store for the translation and interpretation fields, and how Smartling is helping to pave the way for the integration of human and machine translation.


What Can You Expect?


Once this immersive and jam-packed language event begins, there will be many hours of illuminating seminars and workshops.


Following Jack Welde’s initial address, the Global Ready Conference will also include:


  • The Power behind the Proxy


A conversation on the Global Delivery Network (GDN), Smartling’s fast and cost-effective way to deploy multilingual websites, hosted by language industry pros such as Eric Nathey, of Lacework and Jessica Chen, Smartling Solutions Architect.


  • Open Leadership Networking Room


This will be a great opportunity for managers, CEOs, MT technology specialists, and translation services entrepreneurs to connect and share ideas with like-minded professionals.


  • Curious About MT: The Who, What, Where, When, Why


The majority of language industry professionals don’t know where to start when they are considering including machine translation in their repertoire.


That’s why Valérie Dehant, Benjamin Loy, and Andrew Saxe will co-host this fact-filled and fun seminar on how to make MT cost-effective, and what the pros and cons of relying on it may be. 


  • The Coinbase Secret To Rapid Global Growth


In this lively and enlightening fireside chat, Senior Manager of Enterprise Location for Coinbase Michelle Wu will cover subjects such as globalization strategies and how glossaries and centralized processes have been key to putting Coinbase on the fast track to global expansion while scaling translations amidst the ever-expanding languages of cryptocurrencies.


There’s much more than that, and with so much to offer in a single day, we at Tomedes are sure that anyone attending this year's Global Ready Conference will benefit from participating. 


Global Ready Conference 2022


April 12, 2022



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