Global Ready Conference 2019

San Francisco, California, USA, | 2019-05-16 - 2019-05-16

The age of globalization began around the late 15th century, when Europeans set their sights on far lands, breaking new grounds and expanding our horizons. The same notions are being displayed on today's globalization, from the first voyages came the interconnection of various cultures, languages and principles.

With globalization being a colossal endeavor, translation and localization companies are putting their best foot forward in this undertaking. Majority of businesses are now expanding and being globally ready is a necessity to grow and reach new heights.

The Global Ready Conference is an annual event, brought to you by Smartling, a management platform developed for translators to efficiently undertake translation and localization projects across various platforms, that gives translators, business owners and translation consumers a chance to network, adapt best practices and get the most out of every business transaction and opportunities. 

With the theme "Move the world with words", the one day event will be featuring the global leaders in localization, translation. technology and business.

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