Global Content Summit Dublin

Dublin, Ireland, | 2019-09-24 - 2019-09-24

TAUS, the language data network, will be launching their global content summit in Dublin, Ireland. This event will be one of many global content summits that they are organizing throughout the world! Dublin is known for being the capital city of Ireland and their humorous and friendly people. The event’s general objectives are to facilitate an environment where clients and business providers can interact casually, educate everyone on the current trends and promote the best practices that will improve the overall productivity and efficiency of the attendees and the language industry in general.

As per the TAUS website the audience is divided into the following groups where 40%are business providers, 40% clients, 10% technology developers or providers and the other 10% is spread out among academics, press and other affiliated sectors in the language industry.

The TAUS Global Content Summit also launched its Go Green initiative, wherein for every participant or attendee in the global content summits they will be planting a tree. This is to reduce the overall carbon footprint generated by the summits since their volume of international attendees are quite high. With this you do not have to worry too much for the carbon footprint you will be leaving behind in your travels. Learning and career development has never been this environment friendly.

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