Expert in SEA Localization

Virtual, Virtual, | 2023-01-24 - 2023-01-26

What does "Expert in SEA Localization" entail?


This conference is for individuals who want to enhance their skills in Search-Engine Advertising (SEA), which combines Search-Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) to create advertisements that improve brand and business visibility. It will also address various topics on localization and provide guidance on how to localize ads and campaigns for specific markets. This event will be hosted by González, a senior localization manager.


What can attendees expect?


This event is for anyone who wants to learn localization and SEA practices and principles. This webinar offers a Q&A session, live activities, access to extra content, and downloadable webinar program. After the event, certificates of completion will be provided.


Venue and Date Information

As a webinar, it will take place online. The event will take place on January 24-26, 2023, at 18:00 PM CET.

This expert course includes:

Expert panellist: Alfonso González, Senior Localization Manager at Sinch Email

Live activities

Q&A session and in-webinar text-chat

Lifetime access to the webinar and extra contents in English 

Completion certificate

Downloadable Webinar Program

Webinar duration: 360 min (6 hours approximately)

 Link to the conference:



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