European Content Protection Summit

London, United Kingdom, | 2019-11-13 - 2019-11-13

Media and entertainment has played a big role in our daily lives. From newspapers to the radio and television and now, the internet. The internet has defined how we communicate in this day and age, with it being active 24/7 there is no region far enough in the world as long as it is encompassed by the almighty signals of your ISP’s. For better or for worse it also showed us new ways on how we can interpret ourselves and how we interact to the people around us, with social media not only being a medium of communication but also of expression, from teens who announce their every move and step to political movements and human rights activists that express their thoughts, beliefs and stand points, the internet made us reimagine how we distribute content around the globe.

The Media and Entertainment Service Alliance is the leading organization in Europe that is tasked to further the development of content in all available platforms. It also aims to aid in the dissemination and creation of media and entertainment in all of Europe and to build lasting relationships with companies abroad to promote the overall interest of the industry.

This 13th of November, MESA brings us the European Content Protection Summit, which will be held in London, United Kingdom. This event aims to invite localization experts and buyers and show how efficiently creating content and setting safeguards will lead to an overall better experience for your audience and as well as yourself.

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