European Association for Machine Translation 23rd Annual Conference (EAMT 2022)

Ghent, Belgium, | 2022-06-01 - 2022-06-03

What Is This Event?


The 2022 EAMT conference is co-organized by the LT3 Research Team at Ghent University and CrossLang, an entity that provides specialized automated translation technologies.


This conference aims at facilitating productive and enriching interaction, and is scheduled as an on-site event.


EAMT will, however, closely monitor the pandemic situation, and if necessary, they will change the format in line with public health regulations.


What Can Attendees Expect?


The European Association for Machine Translation invites many types of scholars and professionals to participate in this conference.


Those interested in machine translation and translation-related tools and resources ― developers, researchers, users, translation and localization professionals and managers ― will benefit from attendance.


Machine translation has swiftly altered the landscape of language industries and public-sector affairs, and updating knowledge of MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing) can empower any translator, academic linguist or interpreter.


Tomedes is particularly impressed with EAMT’s translator track for this event.


The conference has invited industry-leading translation practitioners and language scholars to share their views and observations based on their day-to-day experience through submissions reporting on issues such as:


  • Measuring comparative effort (time/keystrokes/cognitive) in translation practices involving MT and their impact on the profession;
  • Impact of MT on translators’ work: processes, new invoicing methods (for example, using TER for matching), applicability;
  • Psycho-social aspects of MT adoption (including topics such as ergonomics, motivation, and social impact on the profession);
  • Error analysis and post-editing strategies (including both automatic post-editing and automation strategies);
  • Usage of translators’ metadata and user activity data in MT development;
  • Independent use of MT for freelance translators (e.g. for individual productivity and not necessarily a customer requirement);
  • Usability and MT;
  • Machine translation in literary, audiovisual, game localization and creative texts;
  • MT and interpreting;
  • And much, much more


This fascinating conference is to be held at the Zebrastraat venue, where architecture and visual art are enmeshed to provide a unique and immersive setting for all kinds of cultural events.


We think you’ll agree that this year’s EAMT conference offers something for everyone, in any official sector, business niche, or language translation services industry.


Event Details:


Dates: 1-3 June 2022


Location: Ghent, Belgium



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