EST Congress 2019

Stellenbosch, South Africa, | 2019-09-09 - 2019-09-13

The European Society of Translation Studies is an organization that started back in 1992 that aims to provide translators and other language professionals the necessary tools in terms of research and network. With this they have already become one of the leading organizations that champions the overall improvement of the industry by educating language professionals and facilitating events where the stakeholders of the industry can develop and improve their methods through research. They currently offer grants and scholarships to promising candidates and currently have members from over 46 countries worldwide.

The European Society for Translation Studies brings to you its 9th EST Congress that will be held at Stellenbosch South Africa. The event will be bringing together various professionals from the language industry to network and foster new professional relationships that can lead to various projects and can translate to an overall better industry.

The triennial congress’ theme will be “Living Translation: People, Process, Products”. Which shows that they are gearing for a more applicable type of knowledge to be shared to its attendees. They are also encouraging submissions from various disciplines within the translation and interpretation industry.

As per the EST congress’ website, the event will be divided among the following panel themes:

-60 years after Jakobson: new directions in intersemiotic translation

-Big translation history: the use of data mining and big data approaches

-Cognition live! – The dynamic interaction with the environment

-Empirical translation studies in a monolinguistic world: theoretical and methodological challenges

-Expanding conversations on feminist and queer translation

-Exploring the implications of complexity thinking for translation studies

-Indirect translation in the world we live in

-Language rights in public service interpreting and translation

-Living translation as translaboration

-Living translation in transition: the human translator in the next decade

-Living translation when crisis strikes: policy, training, technology, and ethics

-Research ethics in translation studies

-Research in legal translation and interpreting: people, processes, products

-Re-thinking the role of the interpreter in conflict-related scenarios

-Technology-mediated translation and/or interpreting solutions in public service settings

-Translating minority voices in a globalized world

-Translation and diaspora: the role of translation in immigrant communities

-Translation as empowerment – new Bible (re)translations

-Translation ergonomics: interfaces, interactions and interrelations between people, processes and products

-Translation support policies vs. book industry practice in non-English settings

-Translation technologies for creative-text translation

-Transnational image-building and reception: linking up translation studies, reception studies and imagology

For more information on this event please visit website below.


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