Elia Together 2022

Virtual, Select Country, | 2022-03-23 - 2022-03-25

About The Elia Together 2022 Virtual Conference?

In the second virtual format for the sixth edition of the Elia Together event, the language communities will once again come together for three days of networking, education, and discussions on the future of the translation industry. This year’s theme is “Transforming challenges into opportunities for growth,” with two distinct tracks overseen by experienced industry professionals.

For 2022, Elia Together will consider the evolving world of localization, and explore the multiple aspects of technology that are changing this industry. This dynamic event will be a truly immersive exploration of the future of this ever-changing industry, and it’s the perfect opportunity to gain new skills, meet a global workforce, and build solid strategies for changing your business or career.

Here’s What Attendees Can Expect

Translators and other language professionals will be instrumental in the future of language services by allowing individuals to be understood in any language, and by making content inclusive and accessible anywhere in the world. This event is about investing in the creativity of language services, and with a lineup of incredible speakers, translation specialists will leave inspired.

On day one, Sue Leschen will present “Remote opportunities are closer than ever before!” and discuss how the virtual world has changed in the last few years, and why it’s a valid option for global language services. With over 18 different lectures and topics, the three days feature discussions such as “VM 2.0: a translator’s best ally in the NMT world” ( Élodie Bouquet Muro), “Localizing gender: How to be neutral when your language” (Ruben Vitiello), “Inclusive language strategy for organizations”  (Marifer Sager), and “Closer apart – Coming to forced terms with technology” (Maria Sgourou). As you can see, there are a variety of unique speakers that will explore the illimitable language industry, and get you the new skills you need.

This event is for individuals or businesses that want to scale their workforce and meet the evolving technologies. Translators, editors, and all language service personnel are welcome.

Conference Information

Date And Time

23-25 March 2022, Virtual

Day One: 13:00–13:45 CET - 17:30–19:00 CET

Day Two: 13:00–13:45 CET - 17:30–19:00 CET

Day Three: 11:45–12:30 CET - 17:00–17:30 CET

Please check the full schedule for the most up-to-date times.


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