Elia’s FocusPM 2019

Hamburg, Germany, | 2019-12-05 - 2019-12-06

What is Elia’s FocusPM?

The European Language Industry Association's (Elia) is the leading not-for-profit trade association of language service companies in Europe. Elia has hosted a number of language-related conferences in the past. This December, Elia will host another conference titled “Elia’s Focus on Project Management 2019”, an event centered on project management dedicated to project and production managers.

What Can Attendees Expect?

The 2-day conference aims to provide attendees with crucial project management skills that they can apply to their company, create efficient teams, and render excellent client service.  Before the event conference commences, there will be a pre-conference dedicated to technology. The preconference will inundate attendees with latest innovative project management tools to give them the capabilities to improve their team’s efficiency, reduce project-related stress, and deliver quality results every single time.

The first day will primarily consist of compelling presentations from four key speakers where attendees can learn their methods and exclusive insights from their companies. The second day will consist of interactive parallel-group discussions where attendees can share their experiences, discuss issues, and find solutions together. The event will also host a networking dinner on the evening of the 5th of December where everyone can expand their networking opportunities and form new professional relationships.

Event Speakers

Vivienne Dübbert, Keynote Speaker & Mindset Expert
Françoise Bajon, CEO of Version Internationale
Anu Carnegie-Brown, CEO of Sandberg Translation Partners
Annette Lee, Vendor Management Lead of Pactera

Venue Information & Complete Address

The event will be held at the magnificent Hamburg Marriott Hotel.
Hamburg Marriott Hotel
ABC-Straße 52,
Germany 20354

For more information about the event, registration process, and event fees, click here; 

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