Digital Humanities And Legal Language

University of Verona and Adam Mickiewicz University, Italy, | 2022-06-13 - 2022-06-14

What Is This Event?


The 17th Conference on Legal Translation and Interpreting and Comparative Legal Linguistics will focus on digital humanities.


Digital humanities are broadly understood as the integration of a variety of humanities disciplines, such as linguistics and translation, with tools provided by computing (e.g., statistics, data mining, data visualization, software programmes, digital databases, corpora, etc.).


This year, speakers are expected to exemplify how the use of digital humanities contributes to their research in any of the areas whereby language and law intersect.


What Can You Expect?


This informative and engaging event is sure to broaden the horizons of attendees and participants, with an array of topics related to interpretation and translation.


These topics will include:


  • Legal language
  • Legal discourse
  • Legal terminology
  • Legal translation and interpreting


There’s more though, because this year there will be an array of  keynote speakers and workshops that cover such fascinating topics as semiotic linguists and forensic linguistics.


Linguistics and legal professionals operating in any field or in an official capacity for governing entities will benefit greatly from attending this event.


If you can’t participate in this premier legal linguistics conference this year, do not be deterred.


Perhaps you can plan to attend in 2023, when the Legal Linguistics faculty from Adam Mickiewicz University is planning another June event, this one about semiotic perspectives on environment, forestry, fishery, hunting, and law.


When: 13-14 June 2022

Where: Online and Italy


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