CreAtIve Language Conference - London

London, United Kingdom, | 2020-09-18 - 2020-09-18

*This conference has been postponed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kindly proceed to the conference's main website and stay tuned for more updates*

What is the CreAtIve Language Conference?

The CreAtIve Language Conference is being made possible by a partnership between Retro Digital and Crisol Translation Services. Retro Digital is a digital marketing agency that renders a wide range of marketing services. Crisol Translation Services specializes in Spanish language pair translation and other language services.

The CreAtIve Language Conference is highly suited for the following category of attendees; marketing companies, software marketing and development companies, AI companies, language services providers, translators, magazines and editorial companies, copywriters, writers, designers, etc.

What Can Attendees Expect?

As a language conference, attendees will learn the latest developments and issues in the language industry, the latest language technologies, particularly AI and Neural Machine Translation, and their impact to the industry and language service professionals. Since the conference attracts a wide range of marketing and language professionals from across the globe, there will be plenty of networking opportunities for attendees to form new professional relationships and foster mutual professional development.

The following guest speakers will be present at the event;

Giulia Tarditi/Head of Localization, Monese
Tina Squire/Director, Interact Contact Centres
Jamie/Head of Language Development & Localization, what3words
Gaëtan Chrétiennot/Founder and CEO, Six Continents

Venue Information & Complete Address

The event will be held at David Game College in London, UK.

David Game College
31 Jewry Street,
London, EC3N 2ET

For more information about the event, registration process, and event fees, click here;

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