Chatterconf 2022 - A Virtual Online Language Learning Conference

Virtual, Virtual, | 2022-04-07 - 2022-04-07

Intended Audience


Chatterconf 2022 is an online conference that will be about languages and languages technologies. It will bring together language experts from all over the world in an online virtual conference. The event is meant for all those who want to learn more about languages and language learning.  


What Can You Expect?


Chatterconf 2022 is sponsored by Chatterbug. The aim of the conference is to have an in-depth discussion about learning languages and the technology used for that. The conference will be held virtually on April 7, 2022, and will bring together language industry experts from all over the world to discuss the world of learning languages online.


Although not included in the conference, Chatterbug is also planning on holding workshops and language lessons in the future. They are also bringing back the lunch pitch hour. Under this platform, participants can pitch their language learning products to potential customers. Those who wish to participate in the lunch hour must be ticket holders as well. 


Executives from language learning companies that are both large and small will be speaking at the event. Some of the speakers include Scott Chacon, the CEO, and co-founder of Chatterbug. He also founded GitHub back in 2008. Jen Jordan the Vice President and Head of Content at Babbel. She heads a team that produces content in eight languages. With her valuable experience, she can give insights to those who are also making multilingual content. Another notable speaker is Tobias Dickmeis, the Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Tandem. Their mobile app has over 10 million members now around the world and can be used for practicing 160 different languages. There are many other knowledgeable speakers for the conference.

Chatterconf 2022 - A Virtual Online Language Learning Conference


When: April 7, 2022


Where:  Online


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