Certified Simplified Technical English Workshops

Virtual, Virtual, | 2022-05-09 - 2022-05-11

Intended Audience


The Certified Simplified Technical English Workshops are meant for writers and translators who work on technical manuals. The workshop will cover the right use of language for these documents. 


What Can You Expect?


When you read a technical manual for a piece of equipment or a home appliance, do you notice the simple language used? Those documents are written that way because the instructions should be simple and easy to understand. That leaves little room for mistakes when using the equipment. Those manuals are usually written in Simplified Technical English (STE).


STE is a form of controlled language that has been specifically created for use in manuals and other technical documents. The workshops will teach participants how to use STE effectively. The most common mistakes made in technical writing will also be discussed as well as the best ways to avoid and resolve them.


Important Details


The course fee for the workshop is $749 but a $217 discount will be given to those who also registered for the Certified STE Masterclass | US Canada Online. The Course fee will cover exercises, the learning aids, and the certificate of completion. There will also be a 120-day post-training support provided to participants.


Course Outline


First Day: Classroom Training


  • An overview of STE
  • How STE can help 
  • Benefits of adopting the STE 
  • Writing rules 
  • Using the general vocabulary.
  • Approved and non-approved words discussion 


Second Day: Application, Review, & Exercises


  • Dealing with industry-specific terminology
  • Using STE for various types of documents
  • How to implement STE with minimal disruption 
  • Practical workshop session 
  • Review, edit, and discussion
  • Presentation of own documents.


After the course, participants are expected to be able to use STE effectively in writing and translating documents.


Certified Simplified Technical English Workshops


When: May 9-11, 2022


Where: Online 

Registration: https://www.shufrans-techdocs.com/event/us-canada-east-coast-simplified-technical-english-workshop/

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