Bootcamp: SEO & SEA Localization

Virtual, Virtual, | 2022-04-25 - 2022-04-29

What is SEO & SEA Localization Bootcamp?


TranslaStars' SEO & SEA Localization Bootcamp is an online event that will discuss a wide range of topics, such as SEO, SEM, SEA, marketing translations, SEO content creation, searcher's intent, and Google algorithms. 


It's a 5-day conference with each day spanning up to two hours. The coach and host of this event will be Alfonso González, the Senior Localization Manager of Pathwire, who will train participants on the different techniques and principles of the above-mentioned topics. 


What Can Guests Expect?


SEO & SEA Localization Bootcamp is open to all participants who want to develop their SEO, marketing translations, and localization skills. The goal of this event is for you to be updated on the latest trends and practices to succeed in being part of this multilingual-euro industry and have the skill to work with the best clients. 


The activities involved will present real examples of marketing in these featured languages: German, French, and Spanish. It will discuss how to deliver dynamic content in English and the mentioned languages and host Q&A sessions. 


On the final day of the event, the Bootcamp will have breakout rooms wherein you will put everything you have learned to the test and try them out. After completing the Bootcamp, you will receive a completion certification.


Bootcamp Details & Information


This event will take place from April 25, 2022, to April 29, 2022. The duration of each day's event is 120 minutes or two hours. 


This online event's link will not be sent through email as the link is accessible through the webinar's homepage. One of the perks of attending this event is getting lifetime access to its content. 


If you had purchased the ticket but couldn't attend the event, you have a 14-day refund guarantee that starts on the day you purchased it. They offer a 50% discount on their courses for any student, unemployed individuals, and members of translation associations. 

Please read their [terms and conditions] or check out this [link] for more information regarding this matter.

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