Best Practices in Vendor Management: Keeping Records

Virtual, Virtual, | 2023-01-12 - 2023-01-12

What does "Best Practices in Vendor Management: Keeping Records" entail?

This series, powered by Zingword, discusses innovation within the language industry. The virtual conference addresses the best practices regarding vendor management, its processes, organization, and innovative approaches for increased efficiency. It will be hosted by Robert Rogge and other experts in the LSP industry from across the world.


What can attendees expect?

This online forum will discuss the latest trends and best practices for vendor management. The conference is for LSP companies and businesses who want to improve their organization's management and systems.


Venue and Date Information

The conference is free and will take place online. The date and time of the event will be on January 12, 2023, at 9:00 PM


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