Basic Fundamentals of Financial Translation

Virtual, Virtual, | 2023-03-15 - 2023-03-15

What does "Basic Fundamentals of Financial Translation" entail?


This webinar will discuss all things related to financial translation and how you can get started in this niche. As it concerns one of the most in-demand fields, the event addresses the kinds of financial translation projects that are frequently requested, the various types of annual accounts that exist, the functioning of the stock market, and continuous training available for financial translators. The expert speaker will be Pilar Moyano, an in-house financial translator who holds a dual Master's degree in Finance and Foreign Trade and Foreign Trade and International Economics.



What can attendees expect?


Those who are interested in attending will have access to recordings, extra content, and a downloadable course program. Attendees will participate in live activities related to the domain of financial translation and will receive a certificate of completion after the event.


Venue and Date Information

As a webinar, it will take place online. The event will take place on March 15, 2023, at 6:00 PM CET.

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