ATSA - Association for Translation Studies in Africa

Stellenbosch, South Africa, South Africa, | 2018-05-25 - 2018-05-26

The conference will not host panels for this round. Papers will be classified thematically and scheduled together under a theme.

The daily schedule is set out below. With this schedule, the conference can accommodate 11 speakers per stream per day. Streams may need to be added as required by registrations.

08h00 – 08h30: Registration

08h30 – 09h00: Welcome

09h00 – 10h00: Mainline speaker/African voice

10h00 – 10h30: Tea/Coffee

10h30 – 12h30: Session 1 (4 speakers)

12h30 – 13h30: Lunch

13h30 – 15h30: Session 2 (4 speakers)

15h30 – 16h00: Tea/Coffee

16h00 – 17h30: Session 3 (3 speakers)

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