ATA 63rd 2022 Annual Conference - American Translators Association

Los Angeles, California, United States, | 2022-10-12 - 2022-10-15

Intended Audience


The American Translators Association (ATA) is one of the leading organizations of translators in the world. The organization was founded with the aim of advancing the fields of translation and interpretation. Today, the organization has more than 10,000 members all over the world. The annual conference is the biggest ATA meeting each year and is held during the fall in an American city. This year, the conference will be in Los Angeles. 


The Conference is for ATA members who would like to catch up with the latest developments in translation and interpretation. The conference is open to teachers, project managers, web developers, language company insiders, and those who belong to other organizations that benefit from translations.


What Can You Expect?


The ATA 63rd 2022 Annual Conference is going to be an in-person event to be held in the city of Los Angeles. This is expected to bring back the conference and the organization to normalcy after the pandemic. 


The conference will have workshops, educational sessions, exhibitors, a job marketplace, and events for networking. If you are interested in getting certified as a translator, then there will be certification exams for translators in 29 language combinations. The event will be an excellent opportunity for you to move your career in translation or interpretation forward. It will also be a great time to build networks among insiders in the language industry. The four-day event will be crammed with activities as it aims to enliven the translation/interpretation community.




The event will be held in Los Angeles from October 12-15, 2022. Registration is available now online. There will be exhibitors at the event and workshops for the participants.


ATA 63rd 2022 Annual Conference - American Translators Association


When: October 12-15, 2022


Where: Los Angeles


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