American Comparative Literature Association's 2017 Annual Meeting - ACLA 2017

Utrecht, Netherlands, Netherlands, | 2017-07-06 - 2017-07-09

The American Comparative Literature Association's 2017 Annual Meeting will take place at Utrecht University in Utrecht, the Netherlands July 6-9, 2017.

The ACLA's annual conferences have a distinctive structure in which most papers are grouped into twelve-person seminars that meet two hours per day for three days of the conference to foster extended discussion. Some eight-person (or smaller) seminars meet just the first two days of the conference.

This structure allows each participant to be a full member of one seminar, and to sample other seminars during the remaining time blocks. Depending on space availability, we may also consider accepting a limited number of one-day seminars, especially if they are innovative either in presentation format or in terms of theme. The conference also includes plenary sessions, workshops and roundtable discussions, and other events.

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