Rochester, New York, USA, | 2019-11-07 - 2019-11-10

Literary Translation may just be one of the most interesting type of translation work there is. With your source documents being works of fiction like a Shakespearean sonnet or a book written in the time of antiquity, it is a job that has a certain degree of difficulty and blazes with a certain kind of passion towards all kinds of literary work. This conference is not your typical translator’s conference where business is one of the centerpiece of the event, literary translators tend to be a warm and easy going bunch, so there is plenty of time to kick back and enjoy when you are not focused on learning new things or networking.

ALTA42, with the theme Sight and Sound, is organized by the American Literary Translators Association, an organization solely dedicated to the art of literary translation. The association traces back its roots from 1978 when it was founded in the University of Dallas. This event will welcome around 500 guests from all over the world and also invites those who are not in the literary translation field. They would also be featuring translated literatures gathered from all over the world. So whether you are a literary translator in search of connections or just someone who is fond of literary works, this event already have you covered.

The conference will be held at Rochester, New York from the 7th to the 10th of November. And will feature a variety of workshops, consultations and panels. For more information please visit website below.


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