ALC on the Hill

Virtual, Virtual, | 2022-03-23 - 2022-03-25

Intended Audience


Association of Language Companies (ALC) is hosting ALC on the Hill. This conference is for discussions about the language industry. It is open, not just for the employees of language companies but for everyone working in the fields of language and translation.


What Can You Expect?


Association of Language Companies (ALC) aims to bring language access for all and the ALC on the Hill conference will tackle the problems that hinder its achievement. 


The ALC on the Hill conference will be held from March 23rd  up until the 25th, 2022, discussing topics of concern in the language industry. There will be meetings with Congressional Offices to provide a chance for participants to talk about worker classification issues and other obstacles faced by players in the language industry.


For this year’s conference, ALC will allow allies to join in as participants. If you belong to a partner organization, then you can join. Members who are from other countries are also welcome to join in order to promote the language industry even further. 




The ALC on the Hill conference will be held from March 23 until the 25. Here is a breakdown of the days for the event.


  • March 23: Keynote speech by Russ Hollrah, Esq., to be followed by a Government Panel
  • March 24: Legislative Requests and Advocacy Training, State Team Meetings, and 

Capitol Hill Meetings

  • March 25: Wrap Up: State Team Feedback and Next Steps, and Closing Remarks


When: March 23-25, 2022


Where:  Online


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