AITCO 2020

Arusha, Tanzania, United Republic of, | 2020-02-07 - 2020-02-08

What is AITCO 2020?

The first Africa International Translation Conference (AITCO) was held in 2019, hosted by the East Africa Interpreters and Translators Association (EAITA). Established in 2016, EAITA is a regional association of interpreters and translators in East Africa. Due to the immense success of AITCO 2019, EAITA will organize another AITCO event from February 7-8 to be held in Arusha, Tanzania.


What Can Attendees Expect From AITCO 2020?

As an international event, EAITA is inviting translators and interpreters all over the world to register and join. Attendees will be inundated with developments and issues relevant to the translators and interpreters based in Africa. As Africa is home to thousands of regional languages, the event will be an eye opening opportunity for attendees all over the world to be acquianted and enlightened with Africa’s unique and diverse linguistic landscape.

Apart from the actual conference, the organizers want to ensure that foreign attendees will find their journey all the way to Tanzania and the African continent worthwhile and memorable. Thus, the event will include numerous fun and exciting recreational events; namely scenery visits, safari tours, and cultural presentations from the Maasai tribe.

Upon arrival at Arusha, attendees will be able to relish breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Arusha is known as the gateway to numerous safari adventures. Attendees will be treated with a 2 Day safari to the Ngorongoro Crater, which is home to an extremely diverse plethora of African wildlife from buffalos, rhinos, wildebeests, to elephants, and lions–that’s right, lions!


Venue Information & Complete Address

As of now, the conference website has not yet uploaded more details about the exact location of the venue other than it will be held at Arusha, Tanzania.

For more information about the event, relevant event fees, and accommodation options, please click here:

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