NAJIT’s 43rd Annual Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States, | 2022-06-03 - 2022-06-05

What Is This Event About?


NAJIT is a non-profit association of professional interpreters and translators, including academic linguists, worldwide industry luminaries, and representatives of state organizations as well as NGO’s.


NAJIT’s Annual Conference is a premier event for professional interpreters and translators focused on (though not limited to) the legal field.


This annual linguistic gathering provides a unique opportunity to earn continuing education credits from insightful educational sessions while also networking with distinguished colleagues and language translation services providers from all over the world.


One thing we at Tomedes find exciting about this conference event is that while many members of NAJIT work in the legal sector, their yearly conference offers something for everyone.


You will find sessions applicable to a wide variety of interpreting and translation settings and domains, in both the public and private sectors and across numerous specialized industry sectors.


This event can be an incredible investment for personal career and professional development.


What Can You Expect This Year?


This impactful conference is sure to offer an innovative and dynamic approach to learning, while sparking creativity, engaging attendees in thoughtful discussion, and connecting language professionals with colleagues via a host of networking events.


NAJIT 43 includes many unique sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers from the legal translation field, with dozens of pre-conference workshops, recognizable names attending as keynote speakers, and thought-provoking main conference sessions.


Topics of in-depth discussion and seminars include immigration law and terminology for interpreters, as well as a workshop on how to become certified for opportunities in the challenging field of medical interpretation.


Some of Tomedes' clients have asked us for assistance with specialized language industries, including legal and medical translation as well as the interpreting and translating of official documents.


That’s why we feel this event has a special purpose in the more general field of language translation services, and we are happy to recommend NAJIT’s 43rd annual conference to anyone who is able to attend.


Event Details:

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dates: June 3-5, 2022

Registration page:

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