9th Annual Asia-Pacific Forum On Translation And Intercultural Studies

North Carolina, United States, | 2022-03-25 - 2022-03-26

What Is This Event?


APFTIS 2022 is a linguistics and translation event conducted online this year by Wake Forest University, in North Carolina.


The advent of WEB3.0 and the fourth industrial revolution has quickly changed individual communication patterns, global trade policies, political alliances, and people’s lifestyles.


Therefore it has become more important than ever to promote broader mutual understanding among people from different cultures through translation, interpreting, and other channels of intercultural communication.


Additionally, an increase in the application of new technologies has put the language industry as a whole in flux, which will inevitably bring changes to translation and interpreting (T&I).


This engaging forum intends to provide educators and practitioners from the fields of T&I and intercultural studies with new ideas and revolutionary concepts regarding how to stay relevant in the ever-changing linguistics landscape.


What Can You Expect As An Attendee?


Participants in this year’s conference can expect to interact, network, and benefit from one other’s research and expertise at this important moment of industry transformation.


Additionally, those in attendance will have access to the following opportunities:


  • Synthesization of research perspectives and fostering of interdisciplinary dialogues for developing integrated approaches to complex problems 
  • The exploration of new ways of thinking about research and the language industry
  • Brainstorming sessions related to methodologies for fostering global intercultural sensitivity and the promotion of cooperation between academia and the language industry
  • Advancement of modes of inquiry for T&I research and dissemination of practical findings to facilitate understanding among different cultures, societies, and geo-national/continental regions.

This event will be presented mainly in English and secondarily in Chinese, so book your spot now to attend this engaging forum on how the power of languages can help to erase borders and transcend cultural or ethnic boundaries.

Event: 9th Asian-Pacific Forum on Translation and Intercultural Studies

Dates: March 25-26

Location: Online

Registration: https://interpretingandtranslation.wfu.edu/APFTIS-2021/registration/

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