8th Asian Translation Tradition Conference at SOAS: Conflicting Ideologies and Cultural Mediation – Hearing, Interpreting, Translating Global Voices

SOAS University of London, UK, United Kingdom, | 2017-07-05 - 2017-07-07

Conference theme: Conflicting Ideologies and Cultural Mediation - Hearing, Interpreting, Translating Global Voices
It has been a while since Translation Studies started to develop interest in translation beyond the West. This series on Asian Translation Tradition started at SOAS in 2004 as a workshop, which was followed by regular conferences. It has greatly contributed to raising awareness of different views on translation theory and practice, and to shaping non-Western Translation Studies. After more than a decade it is time to take stock, to ask what has been achieved and where yet-untapped opportunities lie.

Recently we have witnessed increasing ideological conflict among and within societies. ATT8 asks whether and how translation can help mediate between ideologies and contribute to constructive dialogue among cultures. Over two thousand languages are spoken in Asia, and its peoples have different value systems, beliefs and customs. Translation therefore plays a crucial role in letting people hear and understand each other’s voices and in making dialogue possible. At the same time, it is now well established that translators manipulate the ‘original’ (including utterances) and intervene in translations for their own reasons. These can include conscious and internalized agendas relating to gender, post-colonial, or other political issues.

While discussing Conflicting Ideologies and Cultural Mediation at this conference, we also seek to promote development of translation theories based on Asian practices in order to contribute to the development of global Translation Studies.

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