2nd International Summer School in Translation Technology

Antwerp, Belgium, Belgium, | 2017-09-04 - 2017-09-08

From the 4th until the 8th of September 2017, University of Leuven (KU Leuven) organizes the 2nd International Translation Technology Summer School for language professionals who are looking for a practice-oriented and state-of-the-art introduction to translation and localization processes, issues and tools. 

In the last decades, technology has become an absolute necessity in meeting the global translation and communication needs. To increase their employability, the professionals selling translation services need to become tech-savvy and digital literate. The market offers a myriad of tools and resources that can be used in every step of the translation process: from the moment of quoting until the delivery step. But how can one know which tools and resources to include in their toolbox to optimize their translation/localization workflow? During this one-week event, experienced trainers and experts from both the academic and the commercial world will answer this question through presentations, hands-on workshops, and use case scenarios.

Topics and components

How to set-up your freelance translation business and market your services
Essential project management skills in the translation/localization business
Terminology management and corpus query
Computer-assisted translation tools: desktop vs. cloud,  commercial vs. open-source
Computer-assisted translation tools and exotic languages
Computer-assisted translation tools and dictation
Technical communication
Search engine optimization
Website & Software localization
Machine Translation and Post-editing
Quality in Translation
Train the trainers of translation technologies

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