2nd World Congress Of Translation Studies

Online and Paris, France, | 2022-09-05 - 2022-09-09

Intended Audience


This year’s Congress of Translation Studies is intended equally for researchers and academics in the various fields of scientific research.


Participants and attendees will include leaders of research laboratories belonging to universities or business and industry groups, leaders of companies or industry groups, professional translators, and representatives of government, public administration and the political arena.


What Can You Expect?


This event is a follow-up to the one organized by the French Society for Translation Studies (Société française de traductologie, SoFT) at the 1st World Congress on Translation Studies with the theme Translation Studies: an autonomous discipline, which was held at the Paris Nanterre University from April 10th to April 14th 2017, and was attended by 1,000 participants including 800 presenters in 120 workshops.


The theme for the World Congress in 2022 is: The Translation and Dissemination of Knowledge in the World.


The objective of the Congress is to explore five domains and their specific themes:


  1. The dissemination of knowledge and multilingualism: policies for disseminating and financing the translation of scientific research work; delivery systems for knowledge by and between cultural and geographical areas; modalities for the reception of translations in the world, and the impact on research.
  2. The dissemination of key scientific domains through translation: current needs for the dissemination of knowledge in each disciplinary field through translation at a national or international level.
  3. Equal opportunities, access to knowledge and translation: access to education through the translation of the major works in the human and social sciences, STEM fields, and university and school manuals; the translation of publications linked to recent innovations, etc.
  4. Training translators and scientific research: new programmes based on narrowly specialized research domains; new uses and limits for new technologies; training in pluralistic political, linguistic and cultural contexts.
  5. New challenges for linguistic intercomprehension within the varied scientific domains: the translation of new concepts in the language of each discipline; the evolution of historical and ideological assumptions; terminology and multilingual databases in human and social sciences; the translation of structures in argumentation in relation to the types of languages and cultures.




Day 1 - Monday, September 5th 2022, is devoted to a series of plenary lectures at the Sorbonne on various general issues for the Congress.


The following four days, from Tuesday, September 6th to Friday, September 9th 2022, are divided into two parts:


  • a congress component organized around 5 domains each day that include 4 or 5 parallel workshops with 6 to 8 presentations.
  • a round table session at the end of the day with the participation of eminent scientific research experts in specialized domains, representative of the following fields: translation, science and the business or political community (town hall format). The public is welcome to participate.


A series of interviews will be posted on the Congress website.


2nd World Congress Of Translation Studies


When: 5-9 September, 2022


Where: Online and Paris, France


Registration: https://www.cmt2022.org/

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