26th Annual New England Translator’s Conference

Virtual, Virtual, | 2022-04-30 - 2022-04-30

What Is This About?


The New England Translators Association (NETA) is a professional trade group of translators and interpreters with well over 200 members.


Their members work in over 40 world languages and hundreds of language combinations.


This online virtual event will offer a number of interesting keynote addresses, workshops, and panels on a wide variety of topics related to translation and interpretation studies and services, hosted by academics and linguistic scholars.


What Can You Expect?


The NETA Academic Division will collaborate with the University of Massachusetts Boston on this conference, so attendees can expect intellectual discourse and educational roundtables.


This event will also be an invaluable opportunity for students interested in translation and interpreting studies to present their work, talk with professional translators and interpreters, and explore the possibilities of the profession. 


It is also a chance for translating and interpreting trainers to share their teaching expertise and come together to advance the field of translation studies.


Here are a few of the possible topics conference participants can expect:


  •       New approaches in translation and translation studies
  •       Translation and/or interpreting: from classroom to profession
  •       Translation and collaboration
  •       Interpreting and collaboration
  •       Translation and interpreting studies and the future of the profession
  •       Translation and social media
  •       Online translation and interpreting: practice, teaching, learning

With so much on the table this year thanks to NETA, anyone in a field of study related to languages or working in a translation profession can gain knowledge and skills by taking part in this event.


26th New England Translators Conference


Where: Online


When: 30 April, 2022


Registration: https://nneta.wildapricot.org/

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