2022 Translation Studies Conference

University of Yaounde, Ngoa Ekelle Campus, Yaounde, 00237, Cameroon, | 2022-07-07 - 2022-07-09

Intended Audience


The Cameroon Association for Translation Studies (CATRAS) will be hosting the 2022 Translation Studies Conference in partnership with the University of Yaoundé 1. The colloquium is meant for practitioners, scholars, and anyone interested in translation studies. 


What Can You Expect?


The 2022 Translation Studies Conference will be tackling the question of the translator’s survival in the modern world. How can translators survive in a world that is fast-changing? That’s the main question that participants will try to answer during the conference. Culture has always played an important role in translation studies and it has caused numerous connected issues to arise.


Also, the latest progress in the development of artificial intelligence and its use in translation is opening up new avenues for discussion. In the different fields of translation, the human translator is now being forced to compete with machines. The challenges faced by translators are forcing them to wonder about their future and their survival. Should translators be alarmed or at least concerned about this modern concept? Expect this question to be discussed at the conference.

Speakers include Georges Bastin or the University of Montreal, C. Soh Tatcha of the University of Yaounde, Bernd Stefanink of the University Fed. do Ceará, and J-G. Mboudjeke of the University of Windsor. Additional speakers for the conference are yet to be confirmed. Expect to have well-rounded discussions because of these speakers.


The Organizer


CATRAS was founded in 2015 by scholars and practitioners of translation. The aim of the group is to encourage research and discussion in the field. They also wanted to spread useful information among those who are into translation in Cameroon. The organization has also launched a scholarly journal for promoting its aim.


2022 Translation Studies Conference 


When: July 7-9, 2022


Where: University of Yaounde, Ngoa Ekelle Campus, Yaounde, 00237 Cameroon 

Registration: https://actraductologie.org/conferences/2022-conference/

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