2022 National Chinese Language Conference

Virtual, Virtual, | 2022-04-22 - 2022-04-24

Intended Audience


The Asia Society will be hosting the 15th Annual National Chinese Language Conference from April 22 to 24, 2022.  The conference is for students and teachers of the Chinese language. 


What Can You Expect?


The National Chinese Language Conference will be a virtual event for students and education leaders of the Chinese language. This year’s iteration of the conference will be taking an in-depth look at Chinese language education and its future. The three-day conference will have different events in which participants can join.


There will be plenaries with distinguished speakers. There will also be 1:1 Video Networking that will allow participants to expand their network to help them professionally. There will also be more than 50 Breakout Sessions that can help participants to learn more about the specific fields that they are interested in mastering. There will also be multiple program tracks available.


The conference will also feature wellness activities like Taichi and Yoga since health is an integral part of learning. There will be virtual classes for these that will feature skilled instructors who will share their knowledge of their practices.  


Participants who missed anything live will be able to access the recordings that will be available for 14 days. The sponsors of the event will also be offering exclusive discounts to participants that they cannot get anywhere else. The offers include discounts for teaching resources and on-demand content. 




Some of the highlights of the event include:


April 22


  • CELIN Workshop: Engaging in Classroom– and Task-based Assessments for K-12 Learner 
  • NCLCC Workshop: Chinese American Studies in Heritage and Non-Heritage Schools
  • CLASS Workshop: Promotion of Professional Learning to Become Master Teacher in Chinese
  • PLENARY: The State of Chinese Language Education & A Vision for the Future
  • KEYNOTE: Tech with Heart: Embracing Technology to Empower Every Voice with Stacey Roshan


April 23


  • Taichi- the Embodied Wisdom
  • PLENARY: Chinese Immersion & Early Childhood Education 2032
  • INTERVIEW: Global Competence in Language Learning
  • PLENARY: Why Learn Chinese?: A Conversation with Parents
  • Breakout Sessions
  • PLENARY: Addressing Race, Racism, and Social Justice in the Chinese Language Classroom


April 24


  • Yoga Session
  • PLENARY: Cultivating Local Chinese Teachers: Battling the Teacher Shortage
  • KEYNOTE: Supporting Children's Mental Health and Well-Being at School
  • PLENARY: Why Learn Chinese?: A Conversation with Language Learners
  • Breakout Sessions
  • PLENARY: Chinese is a Glocal Language: Engaging Local Chinese Communities

2022 National Chinese Language Conference


When: April 22-24, 2022


Where:  Online

Registration: https://hopin.com/events/nclc2022/registration

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