2010 International Professional Translation Conferences

2010 International Professional Translation Conferences

August 08, 2010

By Ofer Tirosh

2010 Professional Japanese-English Translation Conference in Tokyo

September 11th will bring with it the 3rd annual PROJECT workshop and 2010 conference in Tokyo, Japan. PROJECT stands for Professional Japanese-English Conferences on Translation. This year's 2010 PROJECT conference in Tokyo will revolve around professional software translation, tools, tips, as well as skill development and practical tactics for Japanese translation service. Though the Tokyo 2010 translation conference is open to anyone who wants to attend, those who wish to attend must register ahead of time, and seats are limited, so translators are being encouraged to register as soon as possible. The Tokyo Japanese-English translators conference is a worthwhile event for gaining knowledge, skills, and useful industry information in regards to industry-specific Japanese document translation and oral Japanese interpretation.

2010 Annual ProZ International Translation Conference in Prague, Czech Republic

The most noteworthy 2010 translation conference of the year, however, is the upcoming 2010 7th ProZ.com Annual International Translators Conference, which will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, on Oct. 1st – 3rd. The purpose of this conference is to allow an opportunity for professional freelance translators, as well as professional language translation companies to network, expand their businesses, and make important contacts within the translation industry. In addition to these opportunities for business growth and networking, translators are provided with tips and information about the latest trends and tools in the language translation industry, as well as many other pertinent and useful advantages and perks of such an international conference. The website for this particular annual translators 2010 conference is http://www.proz.com/conference/157 .

According to the attendance statistics from the most recent 2010 International Technical Translation Conference, which was on May 31st of this year in Lisbon Portugal, over 28% (more than 1 in 4 translators) who attended the Technical Translation Conference, were either directly offered steady work, or made contacts for potential offers of steady freelance translation work. This alone makes these international translation conferences 2010 worth attending.

Those with the newest, most relevant information on translation industry trends and tools have the upper hand when it comes to professional translation services. Whether technical translation, financial translation, literary translation, information technology translation, or any other kind, it is important to stay informed as a leading translation service. These conferences are one of the ways Tomedes remains a top translation company, and continues to stay informed and relevant within the translation industry.

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