August 30, 2010

By Ofer Tirosh

Translators Value a Translation Company Who Values Them

If any of you have ever tried to run your own business, service, product line, or anything else that requires a bit of selling or marketing, you realize not long into your first few months, that you are very easily overshadowed by larger businesses. Compared to you as one person, large businesses have more experience, an established client base, marketing power, money and influence. Trying to push any service, product or business all by oneself is never easy - it can seem impossible in the beginning.

This is true especially for those that provide freelance services online. Whether the service is web design, graphic arts, software programming, writing, or professional language translation services - any single freelancer who provides an online service like these, soon realizes that attracting buyers or clients is much more obtainable when you are part of a whole. When a company works as a liaison on behalf of a freelancer - providing them with a steady influx of clients and work – freelance translators realize the value of this.

A freelance translator realizes they've found the best translation company when the company is in their corner just as much as the client's. The best translation company a translator can work for is one who not only provides work through its client base, but one who supports and believes in the skills, assets, and necessity of those who provide language translation.

Tomedes Rated #1 Best Translation Company by ProZ Translators is a sort of a bulletin board/meeting place for a professional translation company or any other business, to find suitable, qualified freelance translators for any given translation project. Translation job descriptions are posted by a professional translation company like Tomedes, who choose a qualified translator for the said translation. Translators, in turn, then have the opportunity to rate the translation agency or service that hires them. They do this through something called the ProZ blueboard, which is part of each professional translation company member page on Here is the blueboard page on for Tomedes: .

The rating system is based on a 1 - 5 scale, 5 being the highest. If you look at the many, many ratings that Tomedes has received, all from different translators hired to provide professional translation service for our clients - you can see we have a perfect score of 5, from every single translator. So what does this ultimately say about Tomedes as a language translation company?

In any business, whether online, in-person, large or small, national or local - if the employees are happy with their jobs, with their employer, or the company they work for - it indicates the integrity and the quality of the business. If nurses love the doctors they work with, and the medical center they work in, the patients are likely to love it as well. Likewise, when translators are repeatedly, consistently rating Tomedes as the best translation service to work for, than imagine how much happier our clients are with our translation services. As hard as we work to please our translators - who ultimately enable us to provide the high quality translations Tomedes is known for - imagine how much harder we work to please our clients.

Working Hard for our Clients, Working Hard for Our Translators

Being the best translation company is more than just turning out professional document translation to those who need it, or offering language translation service in 30+ languages. Not only is a high quality, natural sounding, professional translation from one language to another, not an easy service to provide - it is often never truly applauded by those who receive the hard work of our translators, nor are their skills and knowledge, which most people do not have. It is a faceless service, and therefore often also thankless. This is another reason that we strive to be the best translation company, not only for our clients, but for our translators. We make it a point to validate them as valuable and necessary commodities in any way possible. Which is perhaps one of many reasons that they've rated us the very best translation company, no matter which side of the business you're on.

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