Rare Language Translation & Going Mobile

Rare Language Translation & Going Mobile

July 19, 2010

By Ofer Tirosh

Keeping Up With Information Technology Translation

The industry of smartphones and "going mobile" seems to be quickly be taking over the world. In the social and business networking worlds, mobile smartphones are rapidly replacing the everyday use of any computer, along with websites and website translation for the international markets. Teenagers and businessmen alike have replaced laptops and wireless netbooks with smartphones, using them for anything from video chat to negotiating business contracts and checking stock reports.

As technology advances with what seems like lightning speed, sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Even if you can afford all the newest and latest hi-tech toys and gadgetry, learning how to use all of it can be a process in and of itself. Then there are the choices to make between tech brands and companies - Mac or Microsoft? Android or iPhone 4? Once you learn how to use it, how do you know which apps to use?

While it's true that most apps and phones do not really require simplified English mobile app translation or user manual translation, and are designed for user-friendliness, what is more overwhelming is just how much of the everyday world is quickly going mobile. The problem with this, as with any other wildly spreading tech-attack on the social and business worlds, is that those who do not have or cannot have the new gadgetry, end up feeling as though they are left in the dark ages. This includes those who don't have an extra $400 to spend on each new version of the iPhone, and those who do not have iPhone app translation service available in their language.

It's been a sad fact for years that low-income people aren't able to financially keep up with technology. Not much that can be done about that, aside from Android phone lotteries. But what about people who speak Maori? Inupiaq? Chuukese? What about Divehi or Tongan or Papiamentu? Few, if any, iPhone apps, Android apps, or any kind of smartphone translation service have been developed for these less common foreign language markets. Its doubtful there is a big movement for mobile app translation from English to Chuukese, or Inupiaq translation and localization of Android phone interfaces. It's doubtful that HTC or Apple even considered developing localized user interfaces or mobile app translation for those languages, nor Papiamentu language translation or Divehi translation. The markets probably aren't big enough to justify spending the money on language translation service and localization processes for these less common languages.

Android and iPhone App Translation to Japanese, Hindi, and - what's Chuukese?

While Android and iPhones are most certainly available with Japanese translation, as well as Russian translated Android phones and apps, Hindi mobile phone translation, and many other languages with millions or hundreds of millions of speakers. But where does that leave those whose only language is spoken by a mere 50,000 people? Or even 300,000 other people? These markets probably don't have enough of a voice in the mobile world to justify smart phone developers or retailers to hire a professional translation company like Tomedes - even with our extremely low cost translation rates - to provide localized translation of user interfaces, software apps, and other such things in the mobile world.

While businesses must continue to earn a profit for a free market economy to survive, the amount of that profit that is necessary is certainly debatable when the business or industry is leaving entire countries and whole markets in the dark ages over a basic lack of information technology translation, or localized software translation. Not every professional translation service charges an arm and a leg (ahem, Tomedes, i.e.). It could be done with relatively little expense, and the profit made from Maori translation, or Chuukese translation, or Tongan translation - just might pay off.

After all, the whole world is going mobile. Right?

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