November 26, 2012

By Ofer Tirosh

Dubai: Zayed University Expands Arabic Language and Translation Programs

ZU in Dubai has traditionally maintained a scholarly reputation as a source of Arabic language research and analysis, for things like old manuscripts and documents that require old Arabic language translation.  But adaptation demands change, and so ZU has decided to keep itself relevant to the language industry by becoming a main hub for Arabic language learning, professional translation, research and all other aspects of language.

This new role of ZU comes through an initiative to strive for leadership in Arabic language support, and to face the global challenges of the Arabic language.

The university has implemented three elements to introduce its new leadership role in Arabic language teaching.  The first element involves attracting students worldwide to ZU as non-Arabic speakers and language learners, by using advanced teaching techniques and technology to assert its position as the hub of Arabic language learning and teaching.

Secondly, ZU intends to improve its curriculum in order to keep up with the advancements in teaching techniques, in student enrollment and populations, and as the new leader and hub in Arabic language translation and Arabic language masters programs.

Thirdly, Zayed University is currently implementing new innovative programs to ensure that students will acquire equivalent standards in education, and that the programs uphold specific measurements of excellence, such as fully preparing students to enter the workforce with all necessary qualifications.

Why ZU is Expanding Arabic Language Program

This all comes due to the Arabic language being a widespread, common native language with many dialects, spoken in many nations and regions, yet still combats many misconceptions and lack of progression, when compared to languages like English, French and Spanish. The hope is that by becoming a central hub of Arabic translation, research, language teaching and learning, that ZU will promote high standards of the Arabic language, spread usage of Arabic as a second language, and provide high quality language translation experts and specialists for Arabic translations.

As a translation service that specializes in professional Arabic translation, it would be great to see ZU produce a flood of Arabic translators as well as more opportunities, and eventually increase the demand for Arabic to English translation, as well as English to Arabic translation - even more so than what it is today.

Currently, most Arabic to English and English to Arabic translation requests either come from or go into Middle Eastern region, with the added areas of Egypt and northern Africa. It remains to be seen what kinds of changes Zayed University can bring to the Arabic language and Arabic translation industry, but one of the things that would be most immediately detectable is an increase in demand for professional Arabic translation outside of Middle Eastern regions and neighboring countries.

Among ZU's efforts to establish and improve Arabic language skills and increase demand for Arabic translators and Arabic language translation, are new Masters Programs in Translation and other fields, and will also be shared internationally with other prestigious universities.

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