Current Affairs Bring Increase of Business Translation for Middle Eastern Languages

Current Affairs Bring Increase of Business Translation for Middle Eastern Languages

March 10, 2012

By Ofer Tirosh

Recent Increase in Middle East Business Translations 

Due to current situations in several regions in the middle East, Tomedes has received increased volume of localization and translation for Middle Eastern languages. This recent increase in translation and localization projects has ranged from industries and languages including Egyptian Arabic to English translation for business contracts and correspondence, Hebrew to English translation of political and military documents, and technical localization projects in Russian and Farsi.

It is fair to assume, judging by the content of some of these projects, that business relationships and partnerships undergo some strain, and correspondence becomes heightened, when political tensions are high. So it is no surprise that we have had an increase in business translations in languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Persian and Russian. Other prominent increases in business volume have been specifically from young Egyptian entrepreneurs, requesting Arabic to English translation and localization for software distribution to English speaking communities, which involved some heavy technical localization efforts from our Arabic translators and localization professionals working together collaboratively.

Likewise, we've had an increase in government document translations. One of them included a Russian to English translation and localization project involving highly sensitive military correspondence and information which, obviously, would be both unwise and against terms of professional translation service privacy to disclose, but reveals just how the translation and localization industry is affected by political tensions as well as economical tension.

Video Game Localization from Thai to English

One of the most interesting localization service projects was a Thai to English localization for video game content. Each line was broken down into individual cells on an Excel document, according to video game characters and game levels. The video game audience was aimed at younger children, so the actual language translation was a bit less complex than a many of our video game localizations that involve non-Latin to Latin languages, or vice-versa. Other stages of the Thai to English video game localization included asset integration and linguistic testing, which is provided only by our most experienced video game localization experts.

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