August 11, 2010

By Ofer Tirosh

Visa Processing and Chinese Visa Translation from Country to Country

Recently on a site called Global Voices, a Chinese journalist shared his experiences with visa applications and the treatment and/or reactions toward him from each country that he applied or received a visa for. While very few countries offered no resistance or investigation for a visa - nor required Chinese visa translation of his visa and paperwork, other countries demanded much more than simple visa translation. They required paperwork like Chinese translation of bank statements, proof of income, proof of employment, signed letters from his employer, proof of assets, and even proof of existence going back as far as 8 generations for some visa applications. Visa translation can mean a lot of things, as revealed by this Chinese journalist.

Though most other other countries may have required a lot of red tape, visa document translation, and visa processing, they were easy compared to the American visa application process. Applying for an American visa was comparable to an FBI job interview, according to this Chinese journalist. He first had to go to the embassy for a stern interview, then he was fingerprinted, fully investigated, and still had to have all proof of stable living, such as income, employment, assets, and bank savings. However, English to Chinese translation of a visa is at least a bit easier to find than say, Turkish to Chinese translation, or Arabic to Chinese translation.

Though the journalist had already been granted a U.S. visa, he had a lot of problems with Canadian visa travel. Immigration security officers hassled him for hours, going through his luggage and demanding to know why he had traveled to so many countries, asking if he had met with leaders or soldiers, or if he was involved in military operations. Obviously such treatment in any country would be uncomfortable - especially when added to the fact that the conversation would have required Chinese translation service, or perhaps Chinese to French translation, depending upon the Canadians. This meaning, the conversation could not have been very private or discreet.

Making Visa Translation Service, and Traveling, a Little Easier

While visa translation service is a fairly commonly requested one here at Tomedes, it can be easy to forget just what an individual may have to go through in order to get that visa. This only creates all the more reason for each visa translation or other travel translation services to be handled with respect and consideration. Running into trouble at customs or immigration is the last thing any traveler wants. Any slight disruption, inconsistency or mistake in a visa translation could make things difficult for a traveler. Visa translation is only one of many things that visa applications, processing and travel requires from an individual. Because so many countries - including the U.S. - make visas so difficult and expensive for people from many countries, Tomedes not only offers our professional translation service at the lowest cost translation rates, but we also offer our help in any way we can to make the visa process a bit easier. This is one of many reasons Tomedes remains a trusted, leading translation service for people worldwide.

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