August 19, 2011

By Ofer Tirosh

Want More Online Sales? Get a Professional Translation Company to Translate Your Website

There has been a lot of buzz online, and in news search, about the effects of professional translation services providing website translation for global target markets, especially in regards as to how it affects sales and purchases. TransPerfect conducted a survey recently which is not nearly the first of its kind, but nevertheless making a few headlines. The survey, similar to recent studies done by Forrester Research, reveals the importance of accurate, localized onlinebusiness translation for a global audience or market. The vast majority of global consumers surveyed agreed that they are much more likely to make a purchase from a website offered in their native language – and this doesn't include the convoluted translations that result from using a translation API, or a browser-based application. On the contrary, when a consumer must struggle to understand website content, whether in English or from some reprehensible automated, convolutedlanguage translation service tool, they are highly likely to abandon the purchase process altogether.

So what does it mean for e-commerce and businesses? It means that by neglecting to properly translate website content with the use of professional translation services, business enterprises and brands are overlooking or blowing off sales maximization and an optimized consumer base. In short, without proper, accurate website translation, businesses are not only neglecting potential customer acquisition, but losing customers, and losing sales.

Apptical Insurance Provides Website Translation for Spanish and Portuguese Professionals

One company that has also made a brief appearance in news headlines, has this figured out, and have taken proper action. Apptical Insurance employed a professional and complete English to Portuguese and English to Spanish translation of their website. This was done to serve their rapidly growing community of Latin American insurance professionals more thoroughly and optimally. Apptical believed this under-served community warranted aprofessional website translation for its content, articles, and tools developed by Apptical to assist insurance salespeople and underwriters. Latin American individuals can also now go to the Spanish or Portuguese translation version of the website to learn more about the company.

What's Keeping Your Company from Tapping the Global Market Via Website Translation?

Given this kind of success that results from , demonstrated by Apptical Insurance, it does continue to be a mystery why business enterprises remain hesitant to utilize professional translation services. Regardless of the initial cost (which is much less than most companies believe, esp. if a smaller, independent translation company is employed) or time required for complete multilingual translation by a professional translation company, the investment would clearly be compensated for, and quickly a financial gain, when global sales started to double and triple. Studies have proven foreign language consumers feel safer and more comfortable making purchases from websites with accurate, localized language translation options in their native tongues. Obviously the dozens of auto-translation applications are not doing the trick for most.

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