December 22, 2011

By Ofer Tirosh

Technical Translation for Legal Contracts, Business Arrangements and More

Contracting, outside consulting and regular outsourcing are a part of millions of businesses worldwide. A temporary or long term business arrangement between suppliers and contractors of different languages is not unusual, and many times, expected. Even when two parties come into a business or working arrangement where one speaks the other's language, usually any kind of legal, business or financial agreement and/or contract must be in each party's native language. This is why contract translation, legal translation and various financial translations rely upon professional translation services. Most of these types of contracts contain legal or financial jargon that many people, outside the particular field or industry of the contract, would struggle to understand – even more so in a secondary or foreign language

Even still, business translation for business and employment arrangements between parties from two different countries, entails much more than fancy vocabulary and industry specific language translation experience. Tax laws and regulations also must be taken into consideration with any contract translation between parties of different countries. Tax laws may stipulate different income/wage tax specifics, or lack thereof, for each party in the agreement. In this case, the translation would have to change slightly, and the translator would need to be aware of such laws and regulations. Other regulations that may also need considered are things like shipping and importing/exporting, medical devices and accompanying literature, chemical supplies, and so forth. For instance, Germany requires that a German translation of all medical device instructions be inserted with the device packaging. This is a small example, but some regulations can get very specific and complex. Translators should be aware of such things when taking on any kind of technical translation in any industry.

Russian Translation of a Financial-Legal Document

When a technical translation like the one recently provided for a client - a Russian to English translation of a legal-financial contract – contains a lot of legal jargon, signature requirements and numerical specifications of payment in various places - quality assurance and proofreading processes are essential. While proofreading may not always be necessary for a 4 word tattoo translation, a technical translation that has even some complex language – should always undergo proofreading by additional translators, and overall supervision by project managers. This is exactly how our translation company is set up. This process helps to secure professional translation service that is as close to perfection as humanly possible, while also securing the well-being of our clients, who may be put in difficult positions if the translation is inaccurate or misleading. This is also reason to rely upon a leading translation company for extremely technical, legal or financial document translations – substituting a professional agency for inexperienced translators and unnaturally cheap rates can be disastrous.

Russian to English translation is often needed for outsourcing, business contracts and NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Because outsourcing to Russia is commonly practiced by English speaking entrepreneurs, business owners, and large corporations, our list of technical translation projects from or into Russian is pretty extensive. However, we handle any major language, no matter how technical the document, and even some not-so-major languages. If you have a question about any of the languages or industry-specific translation services we offer, simply send us an email to, and we'll get back to you in a jiffy.

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