45th International Film Festival

45th International Film Festival

July 02, 2010

By Ofer Tirosh

And the Crystal Globe Award Goes to . .

The 45th International Film Festival awards have already been planned for a few honored actors, directors, and international films. Outstanding actors and directors alike will be honored for their contributions to world cinema during the Film Festival in Czechoslovakia. Among those who have been designated to receive a Crystal Globe Award, one of the highest achievement for world cinema, are British actor Jude Law, and Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov. Jude Law is receiving a Crystal Globe for his commitment and profound aid to worldwide development of film, while Mikhalkov is receiving a Crystal Globe as Russia's most celebrated director and his world cinema contributions. Subtitling translation service will allow audiences of various languages visiting the Czech Film Festival host city to show appreciation and share in the many global contributions to world cinema.

Without international film, most people would never have the chance to get a glimpse of other cultures, and their methods, depictions and interpretations of art in film. World cinema enables a global exchange of unique and individual cultural perspectives on many different themes; from artistic interpretations to political statements, and pure social or comedic entertainment to current affairs both local and international.

The Role of Professional Language Translation and Subtitling in the Film Industry

None of this would be possible without the aid of professional subtitling translation service. Professional film subtitling has enabled film audiences worldwide to enjoy and share film and cinema from almost any other culture. Whether Tartovsky films of Russian to English translation and subtitling, or French translation of Jean Renoir's highly renowned films, Spanish subtitling of Guillermo del Toro's beautifully directed movies, and many other cinematic masterpieces, professional translation service and professional film subtitling has provided a way for cultural exchange of cinematic communication. Without it, the world would be a much less enriched place to live.

The 45th International Film Festival still awaits actors, directors, cinematographers, screenwriters and musicians worldwide with hopes of being awarded a Crystal Globe, one of the highest achievements anyone in the film industry can attain. Regardless of which films, actors or directors receive an award, professional subtitling translation at Tomedes makes no distinction between Crystal Globe winners and those without a nomination. We provide film subtitles and language translation service to all who need it, and always at a low cost translation rate. It's no small contribution to lend a hand in international communication and film exchange, by means of professional translation and film subtitling service. You can be sure we take it as seriously as any director takes the outcome of his film.

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