2014 best translation service

2014 best translation service

January 14, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

Being the 2014 best translation service may seem like a lofty target, but at Tomedes we like to strive for the top. In 2013 we focused on refining our processes and ensuring that our clients received a top quality translation service at a reasonable cost. 

Now, we are looking at how we can become the best translation service in 2014. We have identified four key steps in order to move us closer to achieving our aim, as outline below.


1. Strengthen customer relationships

We already have detailed procedures in place for listening to our customers’ feedback, but this area of work is about more than process – it’s about attitude. In 2014 we commit to always keeping an open mind when it comes to customer feedback. We want to listen to our customers’ needs and fulfil them, deepening and strengthening relationships and letting our customers know we are there for them 24/7. 


2. Learn and evolve

We want to be the best we can be. That means learning from other successful players, both in our own industry and beyond. We commit to a programme of constant learning and evolution, so that Tomedes can continue to develop and bring our customers even better service for the same attractive cost. 


3. Reduce misunderstandings 

In any industry, misunderstandings occur. However, we believe there are steps we can take to ensure that we minimise them. Tomedes commits to being clear in its communications, to ensure that customers know what they can expect from us, at what price and by when. 
Where misunderstandings do occur, we will continue to take swift and appropriate action to ensure that matters are cleared up to the satisfaction of everyone involved. We aim to remain one step ahead in identifying and fulfilling our customers’ needs.


4. Grow and adapt

Tomedes already provides a number of specialist translations services, but in 2014 we want to expand our service offering to include a range of new industries, such as the drilling and mining sectors. Therefore we commit to seeking out translators with a depth of knowledge and expertise in new areas, as well as to up-skilling our existing network of professionals to ensure that we remain at the forefront of specialist translation services. 


The year ahead..

All of these areas of work combine to create an important focus to our work during the year ahead. Why? So that we can ensure we are providing a service that meets and exceeds our customers’ needs, driving up the professionalism and service standards of the translation industry. 

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