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Tomedes supports a variety of file formats to enable an integrated localization process, with smooth workflow between localization files, localizable strings, web services and team tools.

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Each Tomedes client is assigned a personal account manager, leading a professional translation team, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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We don't just boast about the quality of our linguistic expertise. We guarantee translations for one year after delivery.

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Even as global businesses transition to a new normal, Tomedes stands ready to translate new opportunities into success for our business clients.

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Meeting deadlines is of course promised by every translation agency. But for Tomedes delivering right on time is our sacred commitment.

Localization is a complex process, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. At Tomedes, we enable agile processes for your localization files. We support a vast array of file types to deliver flawless integrations between the tools you use and the web services you need.

The Advantage of Multiple Supported Files

By supporting multiple file types, we can ensure your localization process is as efficient as possible. Our localization file format idea is simple: from javascript localization to iOS app localization, we cut out process headaches by working with the file formats you need. The result is a soother, more agile localization process that’s easier for everyone who’s involved.

We Support a Vast Array of File Types for Localization

Businesses’ localization needs can differ hugely. That’s why we support such a vast range of localization files – so we can meet your needs, whatever they may be.


XLIFF *.xliff, *.xml

Microsoft .NET *.resx

Java *.properties

macOS *.plist

Application Resource Bundle *.arb

CSV (configurable) *.csv

INI *.ini

PHP (php arrays, constants, variables and more)

JSON *.json

XML (configurable) *.xml

GNU GetText *.po, *.pot

Google Chrome Extension *.json

Joomla Localization File *.ini

Qt *.ts

Ruby on Rails & YAML *.yml

Steamworks Localization *.vdf

Windows *.rc, *.resw, *.resjson

Angular *.xlf

XUL *.dtd

JavaScript *.js

GO *.gotext.json

TOML *.toml

i18next *.json

FBT *.json

Documents, Subtitles

HTML *.htm, *.html, *.xhtml, *.xht

Microsoft Office *.docx, *.xlsx, *.pptx

Microsoft Office 97-2003 *.doc, *.xls, *.ppt

OpenDocument *.odt, *.ods, *.odg, *.odp

Rich Text Format *.rtf

Plain Text *.txt

Adobe FrameMaker *.mif

Adobe InDesign *.arb, *.idml

HAML *.haml

Jekyll Markdown & HTML *.md, *.html

MadCap Flare *.flsnp, *.flpgl, *.fltoc

MediaWiki *.wiki, *.wikitext, *.mediawiki

Markdown *.md

SubRip *.srt

WebVTT *.vtt

SVG *.svg

DITA *.dita, *.ditamap

Translation Memory *.tmx, *.csv, *.xlsx

XAML *.xaml

CSV *.csv

XLIFF *.xliff, *.xml

Youtube Subtitles *.sbv

Glossary *.tbx, *.csv, *.xlsx

PDF *.pdf


Android *.xml

iOS localization *.strings, *.plist, *.xliff

Windows Phone *.resx

Localizable Files + Multilingual Support = Rapid Growth

Are you looking to scale up fast? Whether you’re an established business that’s spotted a new gap in the market or a start-up that’s keen to make an impact, we combine localizable files with multilingual support in order to help you achieve rapid growth. Because sometimes it pays to be first.

Localize into Any Language

Our network of professional translators and localization consultants spans the globe. Whichever dialect of whichever language you need for your translation files, we can support you with an agile localization process.

We’ve spent nearly 15 years building up a solid network of language professionals. Now, it’s your business’ turn to benefit from our language and localization expertise.

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