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Tomedes provides professional testing services that increase your time-to-market while enhancing quality and reducing costs. Our multilingual user testing services cover websites, mobile apps, services, products and content for multiple markets

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95,000 clients have entrusted Tomedes with their business. These include private individuals, small to medium businesses, and the largest corporations, leading brands, national and local governments. But most importantly: we're here for you. Right now.

Tomedes provides multilingual testing services for your websites, mobile apps, services, products, content and more. If you've built it, our talented team of developers, UX experts and techies can test it. We work across multiple languages, marketplaces and devices. When it comes to user testing services, we have the expertise you need.

What does user testing do?

When you launch a product, you need to be confident that it's working successfully and delivering a slick user experience (UX). Our wide range of testing services is here to ensure your launch goes smoothly.

User testing services can enhance the quality of your product by identifying bugs, picking up UX flaws and assessing the overall usability.

Tomedes' testing services encompass UX testing, usability testing, functional testing and more. We shape our user testing services to meet the needs of your business and product. Our team tests on diverse devices, operating systems, browsers and software, looking at your product from all angles.

By adding Tomedes' expertise to that of your in-house team, you can ramp up your time-to-market while cutting out the costs of delaying your launch.

We can help you strategically navigate the user testing process to ensure your product is the best that it can be when it launches and throughout its lifetime. Each of our testing services provides a report packed with actionable insights that you can use to take your product to the next level.

Usability testing services for product launches and continuous improvement

You've developed a product. Excellent. But does it meet the needs of its target audience and work as intended? Independent usability testing services are key to finding out.

Tomedes' comprehensive functional testing services for apps, websites, content and more deliver the analysis you need to understand how users will experience your product. We'll put your product's usability through its paces and let you know just how your users will find it.

With a global network of technical staff, we can provide usability testing services in multiple languages and focused on different markets. One size doesn't fit all when it comes to websites and mobile apps, so our team can test from different perspectives to enable greater understanding of how global consumers will respond to your product.

How do you conduct a user experience test?

UX testing is a key element of user testing services. It assesses how the user will experience your product, from how easy and intuitive it is to use to how enjoyable.

To conduct a user experience test, you need testers who mirror the demographic of your target audience. That's why using a UX agency like Tomedes, which has a global network of testers, is so important.

Tomedes provides a user experience consultant to ensure you get the best out of your testing services. Your consultant will work in partnership with your business to ensure that the testing process is designed to deliver maximum results. They will discuss both quantitative and qualitative testing as part of an overall UX services strategy.

Flexible website testing services for your business

Website testing, or web testing, looks for any bugs or defects on your website while also assessing its functionality and usability. User testing services for websites look at how the site operates across different devices, operating systems, browsers and software. They can also include stress testing, performance testing, accessibility testing and security testing.

As an experienced website development agency and website design company, Tomedes delivers a comprehensive range of web testing services. Our flexible service can be shaped to suit your particular needs.

Your website testing consultant will work in partnership with you to ensure that you only pay for the tests that are relevant to you. This keeps our costs to a minimum while ensuring that your bespoke testing package is perfectly suited to your unique needs.

User testing services can provide the insights you need to make a big difference to your website. As a web design agency, Tomedes is well positioned to make actionable recommendations that will improve users' experience of your site, thus maximising its chances of success.

We provide both human and automated website testing services to ensure that your site is reviewed from every possible angle.

Effective, scalable app testing services for bugs, usability and more

Fortune reports that over 75% of people who download apps will open an app once and never use it again. By using app development services for your testing, you can do everything possible to ensure your app warrants more than one visit.

Tomedes' app development testing services incorporate a comprehensive range of platforms, languages, tester demographics and more. You can benefit from both human and automated testing to really put your app through its paces.

App testing is such a key part of the process of bringing and app to market and subsequently to rolling out updates. Tomedes' app testing services include UX testing, usability testing, functionality testing, security testing and more. We identify bugs, pick up issues and consider the overall user experience that your app delivers.

Using independent user testing services means fresh eyes on your app and a whole new set of insights. Tomedes delivers these in a comprehensive report with actionable suggestions as to how you can improve your app. Why not start the process of enhancing your app and accelerating your time-to-market by speaking to one of our app testing consultants today?

Mobile app testing services from experienced developers

Tomedes provides both web application testing services and mobile app testing services. These days, many developers produce their apps for mobile audiences only. With 5.15 billion mobile phone users around the world, it's a pretty sound strategy.

If you've developed a mobile app, you'll need to undertake user testing before launching it, to ensure that it both functions correctly and delivers an impressive user interface. You'll also need to test its security, intuitiveness, accessibility, performance and more.

Tomedes' skilled and experienced mobile app testing team can deliver the insights you need to maximise your app's chances of success. We work across multiple languages and cultures, so can assess your app from a diverse range of audience perspectives.

Our service is both scalable and flexible, so you can shape it to meet your needs, taking a �mix and match' approach to the mobile app testing services that we provide

Whether you've developed your app for Android, iOS or as a cross-platform offering, our team will test it using multiple devices. We can also deliver wearables and Internet of Things expertise, to ensure that your app maximises its potential.

Our mobile app development services operate around the clock thanks to the global nature of the Tomedes team. Just let us know what you need and we'll work with you to deliver a comprehensive and effective testing strategy.

Localization quality assurance testing

As long-term localization experts, Tomedes can assess the quality and suitability of your product for a huge range of local audiences. Success in one language or market is not enough � we want to ensure that you succeed in every location you plan to conquer.

Linguistically talented and culturally aware, our team of localization testers can provide you with key observations that will ensure your product is fit for market, no matter where that market may be.

Regression and maintenance testing for continuous improvement

Usability testing and UX testing doesn't just apply when you launch. Building an ongoing strategy of regression and maintenance testing means your product can continually improve with minimal delays. Updates can be tested extensively before you roll them out, providing the ultimate peace of mind that nothing will go awry when the updates go live.

How to book your user testing services

If you're ready for undertake user testing, it's time to speak to Tomedes. Contact us to find out more about our testing services expertise and to discuss the testing strategy that will help bring your product to market as swiftly and successfully as possible.


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