Empowering Bilingual Education Programs Through Zoom Spanish Interpretation

Tomedes highlights how Spanish Zoom interpretation services can broaden engagement in the education sector by overcoming language barriers during webinars.

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Zoom Spanish Interpretation

February 06, 2024

Seamless interpretation during virtual events such as webinars can boost participation and engagement significantly. By bridging language barriers, simultaneous interpretation can enable increased comprehension and broaden conversations. It therefore plays a pivotal role in the sharing of ideas across linguistic borders. We demonstrated this recently when delivering Zoom Spanish interpretation for a client in the education sector.

Our Client

Our client is committed to the benefits of bilingual education programs and the benefits that learners can derive from them. To carry out its work effectively, the client places huge importance on the quality and reliability of the Spanish interpretation service it uses. This is why the client has now used Tomedes 14 times for the provision of Spanish Zoom live interpretation for its educational webinars. Doing so means the client has been able to boost digital participant engagement significantly.

The Project

The client’s webinar engaged both English and Latin American Spanish speakers – hence the need for Spanish Zoom simultaneous interpretation. The Zoom interpreting meant all participants could fully engage with the important educational content.

Using two-way simultaneous interpretation via Zoom has proven an effective means of content delivery for the client in the past. It has repeatedly used a Tomedes Spanish Zoom interpreter for this. Doing so has enabled the client to achieve its goal of increasing access to high-quality education.

Using Zoom Interpretation to Raise Educational Standards

Raising educational outcomes and standards is at the core of the client’s work. It has delivered a wide range of webinars in furtherance of this. Key to the effectiveness of the webinars is their relatability, with inspirational personal stories woven into the content.

Delivering these dynamic, interactive discussions using two-way interpretation has enabled the client to connect with wider audiences. The client has chosen Zoom as its webinar delivery platform thanks to its reliability and ease of use. It has chosen Tomedes to provide its Spanish Zoom webinar interpretation for the same reasons – along with our high-quality, nuanced linguistic abilities.

The Challenge

Two-way simultaneous interpretation poses several challenges, including:

1. Real-time linguistic nuances: As the discussion is interpreted in real-time, interpreters must make split-second decisions over word choices and phrasing.
2. Technical hurdles: Poor connections can lead to stilted conversations and interpretation difficulties, emphasizing the need for a reliable delivery platform and decent connections for all participants.
3. Dynamic discussion: Despite the conversation flowing fast, interpreters must deliver speakers’ words with the utmost precision, to ensure no meaning is lost in translation.

Why Tomedes?

The client chose Tomedes for its Zoom Spanish interpretation due to our:

1. Proven track record in accurate interpretation: The client has been impressed with our service on 14 consecutive occasions.
2. Reliable and timely service delivery: This means the client can trust everything will flow smoothly when they deliver their webinars.
3. Tailored solutions that meet specific clients’ needs: The client knows they can rely on Tomedes to fit precisely around their needs for each webinar they deliver.

The Result

Using Tomedes’ Spanish Zoom interpretation services means the client can trust in the success of its webinars. It knows that the accurate interpretation will do justice to the carefully devised content being presented and discussed.

By ensuring effective communication in both English and Spanish, the client can foster engagement in its important topics. Doing so is enabling it to connect with educators and parents in diverse locations to progress the delivery of bilingual education services.

Using Zoom Spanish interpretation in this way benefits not only those attending the client’s webinars but also a large number of young people. Importantly for those ultimate beneficiaries, bilingual education is raising their level of achievement.


We were delighted to empower the client’s bilingual education program through the provision of high-quality simultaneous interpretation. If you need seamless language solutions for your virtual events, contact the Tomedes team for further details. We are here 24/7/365 to help.


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